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Saturday 7th September 2024

Moreton Show to Champion Rare Breed Livestock

The Midlands’ premier one-day agricultural show is set to champion Rare Breed Livestock more than ever at the 2024 event scheduled for Saturday 7th September.

As the new year begins, Moreton Show organisers are working hard to boost support for the UK’s rare and minority livestock breeds. Moreton Show has a long history of promoting and encouraging the keeping of both rare breed and commercial livestock – indeed, this is one of the central aims of the show.

CAPTION: A Gloucester Cow, one of the many rare breeds livestock being championed on Saturday 7th September at Moreton Show.

2024 brings a renewed focus, as the cost of living and environmental pressures impact the UK’s livestock industry.  Many livestock rare breeds are increasingly seen as lower cost, both environmentally and economically on land, and can often provide a more sustainable source of protein and fibre.

Exciting new developments for the 2024 Moreton Show include the introduction of competition classes for UK rare breeds, including Gloucester Cattle - winning the Stuart Mace Cup, and ‘Any Other Native Rare Breeds’ Cattle Class, winning The Society Chairman Trophy and £200.  These thrilling new classes will see an array of beautiful UK rare breed cattle go head-to-head for the Championship.

Mr Will Bevan, Moreton Show Livestock Chairman, says: ‘It’s fantastic for the Show to be able to offer a greater number of classes for rare breeds in 2024. I am particularly excited to see the introduction of Gloucester Cattle classes. This distinctive local breed - which was once extremely rare – has in recent years made a great comeback. It is fitting that Gloucestershire’s best celebration of farming and rural life hosts classes for the county breed of cattle’.   

Moreton Show already hosts a huge range of classes for rare breeds including the prestigious National Cotswold Sheep Society Show. In 2023, Moreton Show received over 1,000 cattle and sheep entries, meaning that it is - without doubt - one of the most comprehensive one-day agricultural shows in the country.

Mr Steve Parkes, Show Vice Chairman, noted that: ‘Moreton Show provides a great platform for rare breed livestock keepers to travel from far and wide to compete their animals at a friendly and welcoming traditional country Show’. Steve went on to say that: ‘The need to preserve rare breeds is essential and the holding of breed specific classes ensures the continued improvement and relevance of a breed’.

The Show Chairman, Mr Stuart Mace stated: ‘I am a great supporter of rare breeds, centuries of selective breeding have led to a diverse and distinctive range of livestock, some with long horns, curly horns, long fleeces, numerous colours and coat patterns, to describe a few’.

‘Moreton Show has strong charitable principles; one important objective is the promotion of and education in agriculture, to both farmers and the public. By hosting more classes for rare breeds, and encouraging more people to exhibit at the Show, we are working hard to fulfill this objective.’    

Stuart, continued: ‘The highlight of the Show for me is the Parade of Livestock in the Grand Arena, seeing the arena full of animals and their proud owners is a great spectacle and one I greatly recommend to everyone.’      

The Moreton Show Livestock Schedule will be published in April. Anyone wishing to receive an email to say the Schedule is online, and entries open, can write to the Livestock Secretary: lynne@moretonshow.co.uk.

Not only will rare-breed sheep and cattle be on show, but Moreton Show will also be hosting a display of Oxford Sandy and Black pigs. The locally developed breed of pig, with a rusty brown coat and black spots, will be the centerpiece of a new feature provided by the Oxford Sandy and Black Pig Group Charity.

Beyond the livestock, there will also be a great display of rare breed heavy horses including Shires, Suffolk Punch and Clydesdales. These majestic horses will be found in the Hooky Horse Area and will be on display in the Grand Arena for the best turned out class. 


Don’t forget to put Moreton Show in your diary – Saturday 7th September 2024. Advance tickets can be purchased by visiting: www.moretonshow.co.uk.   

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